Futaba Tenneco – 190 Employees

Company: Futaba Tenneco
Role: HR Manager
Sector: Automotive
Nbr of staff: 190 employees

How did the relationship start?

I Googled Burnley Physiotherapy as we had a few employees that needed treatment. We use Dr Hebden at Rosegrove Surgery for our private Occupational Health service, and he had heard of you too.

What benefits were you hoping for? What issues were you facing?

Our ethos is to get staff right, support them, and get them back to work. This benefits everyone – the employee themselves, the rest of their team, and the business as a whole.

How does it work?

We have some employees that see you while they are still in work, but we also have some that see you when they are off sick – so we’re working together to try and get them back to work.

We have a very generous sick pay policy – up to 6 months, depending on service.

Is there any way that it could have worked differently / better?

We could speak to you about Manual Handling Training and we include you in our induction process.

We also provide BMI / BP checks via the Rosegrove Chemists.

What benefits have you actually seen?

Our efficiency levels have increased, overtime has dropped and sick pay has reduced – the cost of these when someone is off or unwell, compared to the cost of Physio shows a significant saving.

Employees feel more valued by us as a company too. The benefit is coveted by staff – they are really very appreciative of it.

What else could we do?

Regular catch-ups

Health and wellbeing survey help?

Are you offered anything else by competitors?

No, but our counselling is out in Barrowford at the moment.

Individual Case

Happy to look at?