ABE Developments – 4 Employees

Company: ABE Developments
Business Purpose: To build and renovate residential and commercial buildings
Sector: Building Sector
Nbr of staff: 4 employees

How did the relationship start?

Through renovating one of the Physiofusion clinics – I had foot drop from a tennis injury, had it for 3 years when Sorrel (Managing Director) suggested that I saw Sam. Sam fixed it!

Ben has also been seen – after his foot was broken in 4 places. You identified the issue (as it had been missed at the hospital) and got them to operate and pin it.

My Dad has had arm problems, which have been fixed too.

What benefits were you hoping for? What issues were you facing?

It was affecting my work – safety around site, movement, ladder work. It was so inconvenient and costly.

I’ve since moved on from treatment for my foot, to treatment for my back, as I have a chronic disc injury.

How does it work?

I push costs through the business for employees – as it keeps everyone healthy and in work!

I now comes for preventative Physio once a week – which is still much cheaper than taking a day off.

Is there any way that it could have worked differently / better?

I could have come and seen you earlier!

What benefits have you actually seen?

Treatment keeps me at work and improves productivity on site for the team. Ben was back to work much faster after treatment and my Dad is 70 and is still working with us!

The turning point was throwing a stick for Ed (my dog) – I picked it up without thinking and threw it. It took me a few minutes to realise that I hadn’t done this for a couple of years without pain!