Community and Business Partners CIC – 10 Employees

Company: Community and Business Partners CIC
Business purpose: Not-for-profit business established to support businesses, communities and voluntary bodies
Sector: Not for profit
Number of staff: 10
Turnover: £0.5 – £1m

Why did you need our services – what challenges were you facing?

We are a responsible employer and wanted to make sure that our staff wellbeing was being considered holistically – both inside and outside of the workplace. We were formalising our sickness absence policy, so it made sense to formalise the support that we had in place at the same time.

How does it work in your organisation?

We have made wellbeing part of our policies, rather than ad-hoc, so it is tied into the sickness absence policy.

Once staff have completed their three month probation, they can have three anonymous sessions per year. They self-refer directly to the clinics, so they don’t need to discuss it with managers or anyone else before getting help or treatment, which makes it much faster – and they are much more likely to seek help earlier.

How does it work logistically?

It’s perfect for a small team, as there isn’t a retainer, set-up fees or minimum spend. You help us out as much as we need without adding to our overheads.

What benefits have you actually seen?

Our team is really happy and healthier! This is reflected in lower rates of absenteeism too. We also put details on all of our recruitment information, which helps to attract better quality staff. As a not-for-profit business, we need to keep costs tight, so the additional benefits can really help with how attractive the role is, and with retention of existing staff.