Connect Childcare – 70+ Employees

Company: Connect Childcare
Business Purpose: Software Developers
Sector: Early Years Education
Nbr of staff: 70+ employees

Have you been facing any challenges regarding wellbeing in the workplace?

The wellbeing of our employees is really important to us. We’re a fast growing business and this can put pressure on different teams at different times. Our employees are our biggest asset, without them we wouldn’t have got to the position we’re in today, so we recognise the need to look after them. So much so that one of our overarching business goals is to ‘delight our teams’ and each quarter we set objectives to help us achieve that.

Which services did you choose to explore?

In the run up to Christmas, we looked into the possibility of providing some well-needed relaxation for our employees and came across Physiofusion’s services. We decided to offer massages to a number of employees to help them release a bit of tension. Their therapists set up a lovely relaxation area in one of our meeting rooms and a number of our employees were drawn out of a hat to receive back and shoulder massages.

What benefits have you seen from choosing Physiofusion’s services?

It has had a notable impact on our staff morale and created a buzz in the office. We feel that small tokens of appreciation like these can go a long way. One of the lucky beneficiaries of Physiofusoon’s services said – “I had a brilliant massage this morning. Their therapist was friendly and made us feel comfortable and my back now feels amazing!”

Would you recommend Physiofusion?

Absolutely! We’re looking forward to welcoming Physiofusion back to Connect Childcare in the future!